About Us.

STITCHES FINE AUTOMOTIVE INTERIORS set down its first roots back in 1984 when Rod Rogers talked his way into a trim shop job with no real-world experience. He had no idea this would be his path for life. Upholstery simply interested him at the time. It was his curiosity and eagerness to learn that would spark a successful career. It is his attention to detail and creativity that sustains it. 

In 1999, the decision was made to work only on hotrods and customs. We began 2000 with that plan firmly in place and have truly enjoyed working with many great customers. Awards and accolades have followed over the years but the best reward is the friends we have who began as customers.  

We had a beautiful shop in Kansas. It was located on 5 acres where we also lived. We had a few employees and all the expected business essentials. It was a great set up...And a lot of upkeep. We enjoyed going to car shows, especially the out-of-state ones. Of course every time we left home, we missed it and we also had to play catch up upon our return. We loved to travel and see the country and meet new people. We loved our home. Conclusion: it was time to make another change. 

In 2013 we left Kansas after selling everything we owned. Our home has been replaced by a Prevost bus. Our shop is now compact enough to fit into a 24 foot trailer without compromising a thing. It was a bold move. A move that has given us joy each day since. Now we never leave home and travel full time. The best of both worlds!


Ohio was one of our scheduled stops recently. This is Rod discussing logistics with Doug before setting up our shop in his outbuilding. Doug and Carol were gracious hosts during our stay. We look forward to visiting them often. 


Sydney is a miniature Australian Shepherd and a great little traveler. This is the only life she knows, as she was just 10 weeks old when we adopted her in 2013. 


When the weather is nasty for most of the country, you will find us in Florida! We rent hangar space at a private airport during the winter months. We have good space to work and plenty to see and do in Florida. 

You can escape the cold and snow too by bringing your car here. We are always looking for winter projects!